About Us

Having long been based on a traditional model, surgical residency education and training programs have struggled to respond to modern challenges. The lack of procedural exposure is especially acute in vascular surgery. Fifteen-year trends show a significant decrease in exposure to open vascular procedures, for both general and vascular surgical residents. Simulation-based training has the potential to create a standardized and effective means of acquiring surgical skills, in addition to giving surgeons needed experience with procedures to which they have limited exposure.

ReSuture works to solve these pressing needs in surgical education. The story of our company begins with an invention – a novel method to fabricate artificial human vasculature. Our founding team aimed to address the lack of training tools available to surgical residents, and founded ReSuture to bring our invention to residents and surgeons across the world. With a talented team of engineers and dedicated surgeons, we are committed to improving the quality of patient care.

Our vision is to establish a new paradigm for medical training – one that will ultimately deliver healthcare more effectively, safely, and equitably. We are building a system of training and evaluation to standardize surgical education and empower surgeons to improve patient care. We provide surgeons and residents with validated didactic tools to develop and assess performance in open surgical procedure, thereby shifting the physician learning curve away from the patient. Using high fidelity physical products, new methods of assessment and credentialing, and an online platform that connects instructors and trainees, ReSuture is poised to become the new gold standard for surgical education.

ReSuture’s mission to standardize surgical training and evaluation is in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF).