About Us

ReSuture tackles critical challenges in surgical education head-on. Our journey began with an invention – a novel method to fabricate lifelike artificial human vasculature. Fueled by the passion to equip surgical residents worldwide with superior training tools, we founded ReSuture. Together with our exceptional team of engineers and dedicated surgeons, we relentlessly strive to elevate the standard of patient care.

Beyond education, ReSuture empowers the medical device industry by offering our models for product development, sales demonstrations, and physician training. By replacing outdated cadaver and animal labs, we streamline the path for medical devices to reach the operating room, promoting efficiency, ethics, and innovation. Our customizable models faithfully represent targeted disease scenarios, enhancing precision.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the medical device industry and surgeons with objective metrics for surgical performance. With generous support from the National Science Foundation (US), we integrate cutting-edge sensing technologies into our models, capturing valuable data on surgical tool movement and forces applied during procedures. This invaluable information fuels improvements in patient care for both providers and medical device manufacturers.